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DIY Landscape photography gloves for extreme cold weather

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Cold weather is something we all photographers have to deal with. Especially if you live in the North or for those travelling to the North. The main problem is that we need to use all the small buttons on our cameras. With thin gloves you can use your camera but if you are shooting in extreme cold conditions it wont take long time before you will start feeling the pain on your fingers. Thick gloves will keep your fingers warm but it can be really hard to use your camera. I live in Finland and here sometimes during winter time it can get really cold. Today I have lost the count on how many different glove pairs I have tried with no success. So I came up with my own solution. Here are some steps on how I created my own winter landscape photography gloves for keeping my hands warm and also giving me the ability to use my camera:

Step 1:

Buy a pair of thick warm winter gloves. It doesn't

matter which brand. ( Price 10e ).

Step 2:

Bring a long wooden spoon and a sharp kitchen knife.

Step 3:

Put the wooden spoon inside the glove. Make sure it gets inside until the end.

Step 4:

Cut the glove from the inside and make two holes. One in the thumb and one in the index finger.

Step 5:

Put it on your hand and test it! Try to pull out your thumb and your index finger.Then make the same cuts to the other pair.

Step 6:

Your winter gloves are ready! Now you can really easy use your camera of fly your drone in cold weather without freezing and without having to take of the gloves off every time. You can also have use second pair of thin gloves inside if it is really cold!

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