• Oscar Keserci

Photographing the Northern lights in Riisitunturi National Park, Finland.

From the day I started landscape photography there has always been some pictures that I wanted in my nature photography portfolio. One of those pictures was the amazing Northern Lights above the snowy trees in the Finnish Lapland.

Panorama picture from Riisitunturi National Park, Finland.

I tried to capture this image some years ago also when I visited Kuusamo but I wasn't so lucky. I stayed there for three days but every night it was cloudy ,which of course is a problem when photographing the Northern lights. On this trip I left Kuusamo with disappointment but at the same time I was motivated to get back there as soon as possible to capture one of my dream pictures.

This year I decided that it's time to try again and so I was on my way for a 5 days trip to Kuusamo with a good friend of mine on February. We checked the weather forecast and the first two nights the weather wasn't so promising. But for our last two nights they had precipitated clears skies, which was really positive. We knew we just have to get out at those nights! We checked also the precipitation for the northern lights from auroraservice.com and its was 4kp for both nights. So we where really lucky!

The first night we went of course to Riisitunturi National Park in Posio which is about a 50 minute driving from Kuusamo. This place is just amazing during the winter! All the trees are full with snow and in some parts of the park the trees aren't so high, which makes it perfect to witness the northern lights. There is a lot of snow so we were really happy to bring with us snow shoes(which is a must!). After around a 30 minutes walk we could finally see the northern lights and they were getting stronger every minute that passed. Then suddenly the show started! Moment's like this you can get really lost from this amazing nature phenomenal which can be really bad for your pictures as you don't concentrate so much on them. The secret is just to stay calm, enjoy it and also try to focus on the photography part. We stayed around 4 hours and after that we just had to leave as it was - 30C. Both of us and our cameras where frozen! But it was totally worth it! Here are some pictures from that crazy magical night!

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