Using our content

1. Using our content for commercial use.

You are not allowed to use any of this site content (pictures,videos,text) for commercial use without my approval. If you are interested of using you must contact me first to get to do so permission. By commercial use we mean on your website, your social medias, printing or re-producing our content for advertising your brand/company.

2. Using our content for articles on the web.

     2.1 You are allowed to use our content when:


You are allowed to use our content on your articles as long as you give credit below the pictures or in the article to ''Oscar Keserci'' and you must provide a link to my site ( ). I would still suggest you to contact me in case you would like to write an article and use my pictures in one so we can work it together and I could provide you better quality pictures.



     2.2 You are not allowed to use our content when:


You are not allowed to use my content on articles/publication without giving the right credits and a link to my site ( Any violation of that will have the the legal consequences. All content on this site is owned and licensed to Photography Oscar Keserci and is protected by copyright.